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"There's An All-Seeing Eye"

Mike Riley

Back in the '40s when this writer was growing up, we would sing an old sacred song entitled, "Watching You". The first verse says, "All along on to the road to the soul's true abode, there's an Eye watching you; Every step that you take this great Eye is awake, there's an Eye watching you." The song exhorts us to faithfulness by reminding us that God is omniscient — He sees and knows everything. Regarding God's eternal presence, the Psalmist asked, "Whither shall I go from thy Spirit? or whither shall I flee from thy presence?" (Psalm 1 39:7). The Psalmist goes on to observe that God is in heaven in Sheol, and in the sea (Psalm 139:8-10 — ESV). Even the darkness does not keep Him from seeing (Psalm 1 39: 1 1-12). Like the little boy said, when the man offered him a dime if he could tell him where God was — "Mister, I'll give you a dollar, if you'll tell me where He ain't."

Do you ever notice how people present their best table manners when they eat at a public restaurant among important people, or how they act when they are in the presence of a preacher or an elder of the

These two illustrations merely bear testimony to the fact that people act their best when they know someone is watching them. A truth that we sometimes forget is that the Lord is watching us all the time! The Proverb writer observed, "The eyes of the Lord are in every place, beholding the evil and the good" (Proverbs 1 5:3). He watches every step we take and He sees through every flimsy excuse offered in attempting to justify any unfaithfulness.

There's an all-seeing Eye watching all of us — Someone to whom our whole soul is laid bare (Hebrews 4:13; cf. Psalm 90:8). This fact should motivate us to do what the second and third verses of this old song exhort us to do, "As you make life's great flight, keep the pathway of right . Fix your mind on the goal, that sweet home of the soul ... Never turn from the way to the kingdom of day." The chorus ends with our beginning thoughts, "Every day mind the course you pursue; Watching you, watching you, There's an all-seeing Eye watching you.'

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