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Happy Father's Day

Through the years I have made it a practice to write assessments of life as I turn a new age. It is amazing how one's perspective changes through the years. I can remember having certain expectations of everyone's children and when those expectations were not met I drew undue conclusions about everyone involved. I was one of those people that had unrealistic expectations of myself, my family, and everyone else. I also remember having unrealistic opinions about the local preachers I listened to. These men were held at such a high standard that if I saw or heard one of them going on their lunch break to exercise I condemned them. From my perspective they should have been evangelizing 24-7.

Time ought to bring about wisdom in all of our lives. I would like to take you through a progression of my fatherly steps of maturity in this short article (I'm still working on this)

I have come to learn that children do not stay cute and little forever. Yes it is true, even though they are a lot of fun as little children.

I have learned that being a father doesn't happen automatically. My biggest failures in being a dad through the years was expecting my cildren to be like me without the work. I just thought it would happen. It doesn't work that way. The more I see differences between us the greater my hurt. I have to remind myself that all have to come to conclusions on their own lest it be nothing but someone else's faith.

I have experienced my greatest success in being a dad when I spent time with my kids. Whether that time was attending worship, Bible study, coaching, vacationing, or just one on one talking.

My advice to any new dad starting out is to not go empty when the child get out of the fun little stage of life. Grow with your child. Learn NOW to put away your remote control to the television, your laptop computer, your earphones, and your personal recreation at the appropriate time. It breaks my heart to know that there were times in my life that I should have been better at doing that. I love my kids with all my heart. God has richly blessed me (Psalm 127:5). If you area dad today you too are blessed!

John Robertson

If You Were To Die Today, Would You Go To Heaven?

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